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          The main activity of "Ramos Plast" Ltd is the production and sale of furniture made entirely of PVC material which gives you 100% guarantee that the product will not deform from the water and the moisture in your Bathroom, Kitchen, Terrace, Garden, Office (Moisture Room).

          "Ramos Plast" LTD produces PVC cabinets for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Children's Rooms, Balconies, Offices, Killers, Wet Rooms and etc.

          We focus mainly on the production of columns for bathrooms and wet rooms, cabinets with mirrors (with and without lighting), cabinets for sub-sinks, hanging cabinets and more. Also, you can choose from our china porcelain or alpaca sinks, which will make your locker, respectively.

          All our products are made using standard technology as well as individual drawings and sizes of the customer.

          We strive for our goods to be at Competitive prices with Excellent Quality - accessible to every user. Happy customers are our aim.

          For companies willing to work with us we offer special discounts.

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